Trillionaire's Making Money Online With Internet Marketing

What is trillionaire minded online marketing all about?

Trillionaire Minded Marketing is all about learning how to become trillionaire’s who are making money online. I want to help you learn how to make money  as a beginner or as someone who has been trying and just hasn’t got that win yet. Many people are wanting to make money online but they are tired of this every day it’s easy you don’t have to work push button stories people try to sellers.

This blog is about to eat and all of the online marketing fluff envious. Many people who are giving you the information or not you then oh and what they’re telling you to do and they know that making money online can be easy but it is nothing that happens overnight.

Trillionaire's Making Money Online

The process of getting started with making money online

There is some work to be done to create your projects unless you purchase done for your projects and even then you have to make them unique so there is some skill involved. 

Once you figure out what niche you want to be and you didn’t have to create a website or landing page set up an autoresponder and your traffic to whatever it is that you were trying to set up. Making money online is the most convenient way to make a living because once you get the money started coming in then it should pretty much be on autopilot. 

But it does takes time and don’t let anyone tell you differently.

Ways to make money online

Types of marketing and ways to make money online. There are many ways to make money online but we will start with affiliate marketing which is my favorite.

In affiliate marketing, you have the freedom of not having to buy inventory ahead of time. You only sell other people’s products or services so you never have to come out of pocket for something that may not sell.

Affiliate marketing can be a saturated business model but if you are in the right niche you cannot go wrong. There are many affiliate companies you may have heard of a few,, Amazon affiliate program, just to name a few.

But you can also be an affiliate for big companies like Walmart, Nike, footlocker, and so much more.

The best way to find an affiliate marketing company or opportunity is my Google search type the name of the company the + and affiliate and it should bring up a list of different affiliate companies and opportunities. It’s just that simple.

Getting set up to start making money online

Once you decide what niche you’re in and what affiliate market product or service you want to promote that’s when the fun gets started.

To get good results we definately need to do your keyword research which can be time-consuming and boring but very important. is the best source for free and paid tools to help with your keyword research. You want to make sure that you are targeting keywords that are important to the consumer in order to get traffic.

Find out how you can help someone by offering them the product or service that you have chosen. After you have done all of the research to find out what keywords will be, what your title should be and in your title you should have your keywords and also in the title and the first sentence of your blog or video description.

Always make sure that your title is catchy and it caters to the consumers needs, wants, or desires. Skipping over the research will only hurt you in the long run and It’ll send you right back to it in the middle of your process so it’s better to get it done ahead of time.


Once you have all of that set up you then need to find out how you want to promote your product or service. You can create a blog you can just create landing pages to get people to sign up and check out your offer, Are you can just do video marketing using YouTube.

There are other methods such as email marketing solo ads Facebook ads and Google ads and more but that is a little more complicated so if you were a beginner I would say start off with you to social media are a landing page and website.

I like to be everywhere so in 2020 Omnipresence is important and I am absolutely everywhere. I have a Blog, I have a YouTube channel, I am on every social media channel, and I have a podcast.


This is the basics of affiliate marketing and if you want to know more about affiliate marketing I will leave you an e-book that you can go through and get steps by step instructions on how to get started.

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Oh, and the book is absolutely free just for you taking your time to visit my website today. I wish you only the best of success in whatever you choose to do.

Making money online with E-commerce

You can also do e-commerce to make money online and that can be done as an affiliate or dropshipping. You can actually just sell your own products and services if you have time.

When you do e-commerce as an affiliate most people choose to use the Amazon affiliate program because they are the most reliable and well-known e-commerce affiliate program.

Other sources such as eBay, Walmart, and a few others are great options.


Drop shipping is when you post items in your online store before you buy them and when someone else comes to your online store and makes a purchase that is when you actually buy the product and have it shipped directly to the consumer from the warehouse.

If you would like to do drop shipping it’s not hard but you do have to pay for the products yourself and it is up to you to make sure that the consumer gets the product on time even though you’re not the one responsible for shipping it to them.

The best part is you buy low and sell high and most is all profit.

This process you are actually selling other peoples products but the consumer doesn’t know that you are selling someone else’s product. It is also up to you to make sure that the consumer is happy and that you find a wholesale dropshipping company that will get them their purchases on time and in good quality.

Once someone goes to your website and purchases an item from your dropshipping store you will then be responsible to pay the dropshipping department for the item and they will ship it to your customer for you and you keep the difference from what you paid for the item as opposed to what you charge the consumer.

While the purchase for you may be $1.25 but you sold item for five dollars so you would pay the company $1.25 and the rest is all your profit and the best part is you get to decide what you want to charge for the product that you are selling.

Personal Branded Items

If you decide to sell your own products it can be expensive but it can also work.

I actually just learned a trick where you can go to and find an item that you want to market let’s say it is an electric razor and you can actually get a logo built create it and ask if they would be willing to add your logo to that item. Usually some places will and some people will and as long as they know that you are going to sell plenty of the item at least 10 or 20 of them.

This is a good way to brand yourself and that way you’re not just buying a whole lot of different items, you’re just basically investing in one main items that you think will sell really well you place your logo on it and decide what you wanna charge for it and go for it.

Be Creative

Now that’s my suggestion if you want to sell your own products I know a lot of people do that they sell T-shirts they sell mugs you know that the sky is the limit you can do would you put your mind too so do not limit yourself go for it whatever it is that you want and see yourself doing in the next five years so make sure that you’re passionate about it or it will get old.

Making Money Online With e-Commerce

Getting Started making money online with Network Marketing

There is also a way of making money online called network marketing are some call it MLM. This is when you are an affiliate for a company or a brand and you are promoting their services online.

It is network marketing because you have to recruit people to do the same thing that you do in order to really make a commission.

Because you’re not selling actual products you are actually just selling the business opportunity and possibly some training but it actually is a good business model to be in.

A lot of people frown on network marketing companies because they feel like it’s a pyramid scheme but in everything in life there’s always a pyramid there’s always someone above and always someone under someone else the only one at the top is God, himself. So if being part of a pyramid is what’s holding you back then you are not wanting to live.

Creating A Business Team/Network

The best part of network marketing is that you get to be part of a team of people who are like-minded and are interested in the same things that you are. Usually, the team wants you to succeed because it impacts their commissions so you get to learn a lot you get a lot of encouragement and a lot of knowledge just from being part of a network marketer in opportunity.

Another plus to being part of a network marketing opportunity is the earlier you get in the better off you are in the more money you could make again if it is a pyramid the higher you are at the pyramid top of the pyramid the better off you will be.

I have been in a few network marketing companies and they have in allowed me to rub elbows with some of the biggest people in the network marketing industry I’ve hung out with Austin Zolaf, I’ve hung out with Haziq Ali, who is a good friend of Les Brown, as his mentor just to name a few.

Learn While You Earn

I’m not the best online marketing but I have learned from the best and I’m still learning. In network marketing, the learning never stops and that is the best part of network marketing.

There are a few network marketing opportunities around now that you may have heard of call Z black card up to give in a few older model companies like Mary Kay and Ava.

Take Action

No matter what you choose just again remember to make sure that you take action and that the niche is within your passion or eventually you’ll get tired and you will quit. Now with that being said if the niche is profitable then your profits can allow you to grow passion in that niche. 

Never limit yourself or your goals. Reach for the stars and go out and get what you believe you can achieve.

Making Money Online With Network Marketing

Don’t quit You Can Make Money Online In 2020

Making money online can sometimes be a challenge for a beginner because there’s a lot of pieces and bits to the situation but do not give up whatever you do don’t give up!!!

Continue to learn and implement what you learn as you learn it and eventually as you continue to do it the repetition will make it so much easier and that’s when people say making money online is easy. That’s where that saying comes from because the more you do anything, the easier it gets. To make money online from home is the best way to live life because you get freedom true freedom…

So don’t quit on yourself, don’t quit on your family, don’t quit on your friends, prove people wrong, show them that you can when they said you can’t, and no matter what watch it happen to…

Believe you can’t and it will happen. Be consistent and believe in yourself and never ever give up.

Are You Looking for a way to make money online

Are you looking for a way to make money online or have you already gotten started?

Have you decided what niche you want to be in are you still trying to figure it out?

In 2020 the to go to niches are make money online, health and fitness, dating, Financial, Cryptocurrency, and CBD at the moment. If you are not in one of those niches it’s OK you can still make money online.

The top niches listed can be the hardest niches to really get into as a beginner if not done correctly because you are competing with some big players in the internet marketing industry.

No worries because there is always room for more just watch what the big players are doing and do the same if not better… 

Success Brings Clues!!!

I have an opportunity for you to be able to make money online if you’re interested. It is a very easy way to make money online with no fluff. When I say easy I mean you do not have to recruit, you do not have to sell anything, you just have to get traffic by telling people about what it is all about which is philanthropy.

It is just that simple again, I will never lie to you there is work involved, you will have to come up with your own landing page for people to sign up if you want to grow your list. (THE MONEY IS IN THE LIST) But that’s what I’m here for. I will help you, I will hold your hand as much as possible, and I will get you through it and we will become Internet marketer Trillionaire Minded Internet marketers together.

Team Work Makes The dream Work

I look forward to helping you through this journey because I wish someone was there to help me when I first started. Then it wouldn’t have taken me over a decade to get where I am now.

And I’m not even where I want to be so together we will get there I want to grow a team of people a group of people who are entrepreneur minded and willing to work together and grow in this Internet marketing industry is enough room for everyone and I’m tired of being lied to if you’re tired of being lied to and you know that there is a way out and we just haven’t found it yet let’s get together let’s find the way out and let’s get it done let’s become trillionaire‘s in 2020…GET STARTED TODAY!!!

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Let me know if you just started making money online or if you’ve already been in business for a while?

What is your niche? What are your S.M.A.R.T. goals for the next five years take that back six months?

If there’s anything that you think I am I can help you with as far as your marketing please feel free to drop the question and if I don’t know the answer I will definitely go search and try to see if I can find it for you.

Let’s Chat!

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I will respond, this is not going to be a one-way situation you will not drop a message and never hear from me. You will definitely get a response and I will appreciate all of your messages.

I use the information to know where you’re at in your online business venture to be able to help each other.

I’m also open to being helped myself. I am not bigger than anyone else we are a team and we are all equals trying to get to the same destination so we just need to come together so we can get there a little faster.

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Leaders Online

I have mentioned Neil Patel a few times in this article. The reason is because he is a leader in the make money online niche. He specializes in SEO but he has a long history in the internet marketing world.